Reply of a sob story of a venture capitalist on this platform!!

I have seen that there is an article, published by a VC, some time ago. I have learnt about it little late. I saw that it has mentioned my name and and the end it has also made the public as the judge to make an opinion. In any judicial process, there cannot be any judgment and order without giving an opportunity to the other side to file their say. However, the confession writer, has actually violated the principle of justice despite knowing my details of service either on email, phone No. or my permanent residence. I want to caution to all the readers that they should not make this mistake unlike the time pass writer and endanger themselves legal battle and get imprisonment.

I am giving reply of each and every allegation as far as possible along with the circumstances during that incident. After going through the article, I have to say that that this is not a “confession ” but a “crime of defamation by a serial offender”. That such crime which is punishable under section 499, 500, 509 of I.P.C. and also under section 64 of the Information Technology Act, 2000.

Section 509 of I.P.C. : “Word, gesture or act intended to insult the modesty of a woman. — Whoever, intending to insult the modesty of any woman, utters any word, makes any sound or gesture, or exhibits any object, intending that such word or sound shall be heard, or that such gesture or object shall be seen, by such woman, or intrudes upon the privacy of such woman, shall be punished with simple imprisonment for a term which may extend to one year, or with fine, or with both.

Section 499 : Defamation: Defamation has been defined under Section 499 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) as “ whoever, by words either spoken or intended to be read, or by signs or by visible representations, makes or publishes any imputation concerning any person intending to harm, or knowing or having reason to believe that such imputation will harm, the reputation of such person is said to defame that person.

Defamation falls into two categories:

Libel — A defamatory statement published in a written form.

Slander — A defamatory statement made in a verbal form (spoken).

However, a mere defamatory statement does not amount to defamation. The publication of such statement is a pre-requisite to establish defamation. (As this article is visible, seen and read by public in general and making an opinion on it).

Similarly, any such act taking place on the cyber space leads to cyber defamation or online defamation. Cyber defamation occurs when a computer connected to the internet is used as a tool, or a medium to defame a person or an entity. For example: Publishing of a defamatory statement against a person on a social networking site such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., or sending of emails containing defamatory content about a person with the intention to defame him / her. Further, given the broad coverage of internet and the rate of dissemination of information on this platform, it is difficult to ascertain the extent of damage in any monetary value.

The article has been narrated four women. But the world doesnot end with four women. There are many other victims who have come across this writer and only because of muscle power and money power, women are frightened to file their complaint. The reality is mentioning these women is “sau sau chuhe kha kar billa Haj karne chala”. I state this I have all the records of his beheaviour and I have tried to beware women from the educated, career minded, elite and respectable class of this society about this beheaviour received phone calls, emails from many victims and my heart cried for them and cheating and betrayal done by this venture capitalist.

There are several woman who met him once and in their one meeting, the VC has tried to sexually exploited the women. It has started from 2003. This was internet era which and was developing in socialising. That people may remember that prior to online socialising, those days there were messenger chats with ICQ, Yahoochat, Orkut as personal messengers but one of the initial stage socialising started with even today has details to collect personal information, career information, background, contact email and mobile details and personal messaging window too. Any person having made his or her personal details, could join a group of his or her interest for networking among various types of groups and the moderators of this groups used to organise mixers which were for the people of that group. Until then people could freely use the social platform for their article, issues, chit chat and exchange pictures, ideas etc. etc.

I was invited by my friend Ram prasad Padhi in this group and I also made my profile and I had joined the Bombay Business Networking Mixer, among a few others. In the same, this VC was a very active and in a short time after reading my page, educational background as “B.Com, M.P.M., LL.B., other computer certificates, foreign languages, and something about myself” this man had wrote a comment “ I am impressed.” In a business network, indeed, nobody is going to look for a groom to marry. Just like in a vegetable market you cannot shop for winter clothes. In reply I had seen this person’s information, and I thanked him and thought that despite being a dropout, his achievements were good. That was a time when we had exchanged our mobile numbers. His mobile No. is the same. And he is aware of my email address since then and he could write to me, however, as when he had to write or justify, he has no fracture in his fingers, but when he has to send me reply, his fingers have fracture. (which is underlined principle of destruction of evidence. ) And therefore, they say, they have made negative reply to all my proposals. However, as there is no reply in writing, there is no oral reply as well. Let his give the evidence of statement of mobile company of that month and prove that they after reading my email and proposal called me and denied the proposal. A strict proof is wanted in support of the denial of any allegation. And in his case, there is no proof of his each and every denial in his article and this is all bluff and defamation.

The note worthy fact is the marriages, love affairs donot happen with a woman of big age difference. And I come from his age group who is born in 1965, and I am born in 1969. During 2003, the mobile had only calling and text facility and I had spoken to him. When I had decided to meet him I had gone in Mumbai Business Networking Mixer, he had also come, but alone. He had always kept his family status as “can’t say”. You can simply guess, whether, he is gay, or divorcee or bachlor or whatever. In respect of a career, it hardly matters, what is sexual life of a person is. But he claims in this article, he is married. How can an “can’t say” person becomes married? And this man calls himself has Brahmin, has thrown all his religion faiths and values in the sea and put a shame to himself and this Hindu society also. He in the mixer had come alone had hugged me in front of all the public, I was much shocked and surprised. There was no Ramadan to hug and hold, but it was a very uncomfortable feeling within me.

I spoke about the displeasure about it and he did not take it seriously. I felt that as this man has returned from U.S. , he has the U.S. kind of “open expression” in their society. However, many executives who had come from U.S. in my prior company, they did not act indecent, as this man had behaved in the public, as a U.S. returned. Do these people set a precedent of culture, beheaviour or Brahminism?

I had expressed my displeasure of his beheaviour and anticipated that an elder person that me, shall not violate the rule of keeping distance with opposite sex. You can often read the same “Keep distance” plate behind an auto rickshaw. Everybody knows that if the distance is not kept, it leads to “accident”. And when this rule was in practice with me, the others have to read and beheave accordingly. If they don’t beheave, there is no school or a mother to slap.. By the way.. is she there? lets interview her, how many times she slapped her son in the past?

That was a time there was arrest of CEO of Avanish Bajaj over the sale of CD containing “girls having fun” from their website. That the Information Technology Act 2000 was recently introduced in 2000 and more than half of public was illeterate about the provisions in the IT Act at that time. After the arrest, this VC had written a petition and circulated it in social media, which I strongly disliked. This was in contravention of the rules of IT Act and he and I differentiated in our attitude over the onus of responsibility. The Article somewhat “ Travesty of the arrest of CEO of” or something similar, written by him in that period, I decided not to support as the article ended with statement “if the court does not grant pardon or bail to the CEO, the economy is going to affect negatively”.

So the economy has become more important than the fundamental right of right to live, live with dignity. That for the sake of commercial reasons, a woman even if is make naked, she is only an object and nothing else. This was the outcome of the entire exercise of the Travesty article. Primarily, the Constitution of India has already set the fundamental rights of all the citizens of India and it cannot be compromised, this does not go into the head of U.S. return man. Everywhere economy benefits cannot be availed by creating shortcuts of their liability and throwing it on others. Is it women’s responsibility always to save herself from the rape? and those who are raped, does that mean that, woman is voluntarily agreed to get raped? Let him give an opinion on this.

As my then views were not convincing the ryze social media, I was questioned by several people. including this man too in yahoo messanger and we fought. It only ended when I said, for the promotion of a underpant will a woman of your family, stand wearing it on your balcony? Yes or No. This is subject of determining priority in life. I said, he will not be discharged from his duties and liabilities from the case and it will need time. The fact is, then Avanish Bajaj had approached the Delhi High Court and he was granted bail. Then Avanish Bajaj filed for a writ, for the cancellation of FIR in the same High Court, however, it was rejected and the the appeal to Supreme Court, where it cancelled the section of IPC from it, but it continued with the relevant section of IT Act.

The Judgment in bazee came in 2008 as under:

Summary of conclusions

22. This Court accordingly holds as follows:

(a) The charge sheet when read as a whole brings out a prima facie case attracting the offences under Section 292(1) (a) and 292 (2) (d) IPC and Section 67 IT Act. However, not even a prima facie case for the offence under Section 294 IPC is made out.

(b) A prima facie case for the offence under Section 292 (2) (a) and 292 (2) (d) IPC is made out against BIPL now named as EIPL both in respect of the listing and the video clip respectively.

© However, as far as the petitioner Avnish Bajaj is concerned, since the IPC does not recognise the concept of an automatic criminal liability attaching to the director where the company is an accused, not even a prima facie case for the offence under Section 292 IPC is made out even when the charge sheet is read as a whole; it only seeks to implicate him in his designation as MD of BIPL and not in his individual capacity.

(d) Therefore, the petitioner will stand discharged as far as the offences under Sections 292 and 294 IPC are concerned. This will however not affect the case against the other accused.

(e) A prima facie case for the offence under Section 67 read with Section 85 IT Act is made out against the petitioner since the law as explained by the decisions of the Supreme Court recognises the deemed criminal liability of the directors even where the company is not arraigned as an accused and particularly since it is possible that BIPL (bazee) (EIPL) (ebay ) may be hereafter summoned to face trial.

(f) Consequently, while the case against the petitioner of the offences under Sections 292 and 294 IPC is quashed, the prosecution of the petitioner for the offence under Section 67 read with Section 85 IT Act will continue.

23. It is clarified that the learned trial court will proceed to the next stage of passing an order on charge uninfluenced by the observations in regard to the offences in respect of which it has been held by this Court that a prima facie case has been made out against the petitioner. The petition and the application are accordingly disposed of. The interim stay is vacated.

The above is only Order section of the Judgment. ou can read the entire judgment in detail in following link:

It takes time to follow up with the cases and this is was logical conclusion I had told him, but capitalist thinks what they get, rather than what they give and undertake.

In that period of heat of argument, with him, I had told him that now I understand what is the purpose of “”. I was thinking that this fund is for different kind of passion. A verbal slap…. (but there is no mention in a confession article about honest.) No reply to this since then.. please ask him about omitting is voluntary or deliberate?

Thereafter, there was a meeting in Bandra cafe, Opposite to National College, where this man had come alone. If this person is calling to meet and if he calls himself to be sincere and honest, for the first time, why he cannot ask his wife to come along for a cup of tea? Was it my mistake that I don’t have a bodyguard with me? If the educated woman cannot move alone in the society, is it her fault? that rapists and serial offenders are roaming scot free in the shameless colonies of Bandra or Mumbai?

The VC then too misbeheaved with me, as he first tried to remove my hair clip and when I resisted, he hold me and kissed me in the restaurant. When I was warning him to “beheave yourself” that time, he replied “I am beheaving myself”. The business network leads to personal relationships in this matter, then call your family, father, brother and acknowlege that he is in love. The relationship of co-worker, friend, partner, mentor, entrepreneur, none of this roles the VC could play but a lover boy was the ideal of the VC. And I had warned him that I am a divorcee and let me have my space.

But if the VC has in his confession story writes this and that, ask him, being a Brahmin, they are Hindu, to stop a controversy, why he did not call me on a day of Rakhi and got the rakhi tied from me to avoid all rumours? But the confession is not for their falling in love but how they have overcome their commercial interest + pleasure, if the intelligent woman gives physical pleasure also. A secret relation for which the website also states in another website “ Single”. If he was single, what made him come forward and marry a Brahmin divorcee woman. My marriage was also broke in 1998 which was a brief marriage of 6 months only. I had my entire life in front of me. I was only 28 years old then.

Always telling the lies about the personal status, this person had come to my house also. I am not a barefoot person, disrespectful and unattractive that people cannot find me suitable for marriage. And I had told him too, the causes of my marriage, as this VC was not talking about any work but was talking too personal issues with me, out of the way. If this was none of his business, why he wanted to come to my home? Ask him. Later he should give a reply “ why not he should be ready to be a father of a child” ? Does he have any evidence, that he treated me like a sister? Any public appearance with me like a brother?

Not less, I have been called several times in Mumbai. As this man was forcing me to change my decision to not marry again, I felt the need to inform my father about this relationship, and eventually, I also got his picture to show to my family. At that time he was saying why shall we not have a joint photo, but I refused, as I am little weak in operating digital camera and setting timers etc.

Does he want to say that he was not in any relationship with me? Only because I cannot keep the facts of relationship secret. “Din me bhaiya aur rat me sainyaa” is the personality of him which was learnt later.

That was the time when I had told him about the work of seedfund and changing the nature of work. I had also informed that there can be other ventures but he passed that to somether company, Geodesic.

Since, the relationship could not go ahead in a secretive way, this person back out from commercial aspect of becoming a partner in any business. And his true colour came in the way of his confession statements. The averements in the confession are much later in life and not in early stages. And hence, the first paragraph is his first admission:

“it started in 2006 or 2007 : Seedfund had just started. And I was on the precursor of today’s Facebook, a social network called Ryze. So when the was introduced, how did he thought only in my period about seedfund?

He writes “ I was married then- and my wife’s then bosses at her firm got emails from Seema saying, my spouse was a whore and that I was her pimp. My school alumni group got infilterated and she was claimed there, to my surprised classmates that she was my wife. She found my brother’s address in Banglore, and wrote to him, demanding she now be called his bhabhi. When he did not respond, she even wrote to his HR head and complained about him. She then wrote a blog post where she announced that she had “deemed” that she was my wife, and was not changing her name to “Seema Murthy”.

The abovementioned admission misses out the fact that he is posting my emails to him and and no reply from him. When he said he is married, I never saw on the net any picture of his with his family in Ryze, not in any google, ( at that time, he always mentioned his status as single, when he spoke about his relationship, he talked about “live in relationship” and to be with me as “open relationship” where open relationship is only to be a “Dharamshala” any body can come an stay at night and go in the morning: no need of payment of any bill -:) either for a child nor for social defamation. He also need little bit of Shankh Pushpi to remember that I had also told him that if he does not want to continue my relationship, after a long love possessive relation, let him delete all my emails and my mobile numbers from his mobile and beheave like a third person in the social networking, despite that he refused to not only deleting them but when there was a get together in another social network website, he was present and was watching me secretly and turning head again and again, anticipating whether I go to him and talk, but I did not, has hurt his ego. Not only that, later in the mobile at that time, this confession sms had come to me “ I feel happy after seeing you.” Then I cannot live on your terms and conditions. I am not a whore. Whom he is admitting as his wife, at that time, was not wearing any “mangalsutra, not putting any Sindoor, not wearing any marriage signs under the HIndu law, and not even changing her name from maiden name to marital name, in such circumstances, the status of woman will be legally what he admits in his statements.” A wise person can tell for which purpose, people want to be Brahmin Hindu, and for which purposes, they want to be converted into Islam. All vested interested. I have no shame to tell if other persons is shy in telling his relationship status. I am not a secret if the person is playing with my shame. He should first face it, to understand what will I face in such relationships. This was other warning for the woman in society to know and beware to not to believe this man blindly.

But till then he had spoiled may lives. I got to know of his dumping love stories from Banglore, Hydrabad and not less in abroad also. Some of them were informed to me my phone and I saw other women going round within him in some social networking site. “Billi jab dudh piti hai to aankhe band kar leti hai, usko lagta hai ki koi nahi dekh raha hai, magar, dekhne wale sab dekhte hain”. Trying to be innocent and victim is cheating and betraying others.

He further writes, I want a Maruti Car, here is the brochure,” none of her demands were met. Actually, the Venture Capitalist, who are beggars in their heart and want to beg for the keeps they have and a wife who is legally wedded, (the secret which was out in the court, after writing they are Single) have already morally bankrupt. They have nothing to give others. But they want to take “ijjat” of the woman hiding their secret agenda to blackmail others.

He writes “My then spouse and I went to the cyber crime cell and complained. She was summoned, confessed in writing, swore, the would not do it again. -Silence for a couple of years, And she started again. The reality is different that what is stated here. I have never seen any women with him in my entire lifetime. When he made complaint to cyber crime, I reached there. How did he has my mobile number? Why he stored that in his mobile? Why he was stalking me on Orkut, xing etc. websites? I always got connecting request from him. But when the relationship status is in danger,I did not accept the request. “Dhobi ka Kutta, na ghar ka na ghat ka”. There is no professional agreement nor personal agreements, then am I here to satisfy his lust? That to living in my parental house? secretly? where he will come on his wish? I am not that kind of woman. Because his doors were closed to a safe destination of a HIV negative and non virgin partner for the satisfaction of sexual demands, he did every attempt to lure but failed. Knowing his mind, I had already visited Bandra Police station and filed a NC with the station that this man is sending luring messages to me and let the police acknowledge the complaint. The Police gave a stamp and I have it. I showed the same document to the Cyber crime. If the offence has to be registered, it has to be initiated from Bandra Police station to cyber crime cell and he would have been arrested before he could think about my arrest. When Bandra police station was calling him on his mobile Number, that time, he did not come to give the statement, which signifies that there is no denial. It is admitted that he has sent those messages from his mobile. What was his complaint, I was not fully aware, as I did not read it, I got to some brief information from the inspector. He said I have 60 crores with me and hence, this woman is following me. The Inspector looked at me. I said, Am I his Chartered Accountant to know how much money does he have? It is reverse that I am alone and my mother has passed away and my brother takes care of my father, and hence they are away from me and this man thinks I am “free” and “available”. The fact is those who are not marathi, cannot understand the words between the lines. “kadi lava atli, mi nahi tyatli”.

Further he writes about the Bs Buddy and their counter claim. However, nobody sued but the website was stopped on the copyright issues and violation rules. Any body can open and read Indian Copyright Act. The same is with Seedfund also. Now his better half, who always socially disappears, she had also faced the same copyright issues with some other film producer. Jinke khud ke ghar shishe ke hote hain, vo dusro ke ghar par paththar nahi feka karte.” Now he has got a lesson of what he had done. And he had give statement in some other website “the is no evidence with her “me” about the Right. But this statment itself clarifies that I had evidence, which is in his email address, but not in my email address and removed which I informed him. Those who dont want to work on it, I can get it registed as and when in near future. But before that he used this to register. If this concept was his own concept, He would not have said that I dont have its evidence to prove it. But would have given different statement. It is like saying the Sun is not rising in the west. That means the Sun is rising in the east. Those who talk about evidences means that originally it was not theirs. The white collor thief, cheats and blackmailers of the society are giving confessions!!! Ha ha ha!!.

He further writes “There comes a demand “ 2 crore de to, Ye sab band kar dungi.” I dont remember if I have made such such statement. However, even if I have said it, it is not wrong, if the offender has stolen the concept originated after the passionfund critisism by me on And I had in good faith had decided to work. But for these crooks, posing me as a extortionist. The fact is there is no rule in India, that woman has no right to earn and demand fair share.

He writes further that he has his wife has split, but his man has filed the marriage pictures in the Court claiming in that he is married to her. Now the God only knows whether this is another game for luring other woman in his trap as “single”. and If he is separated, divorced, he should have given the “decree of the Family Court” in the matter. In absence of any decree of the Court, it cannot be admitted that he divorced his wife. Even though, a marriage breaks, he has many other undeclared relationships, which his wife knows and which even I know. Yet this confession he if she comes to know another love traingle, and if she decides to give a break up, after her gut conscious is awakened, its not my fault. ( Its not my fault — This line which he often uses.) I am a “Bahti Ganga- sare hath do lo”.

I am enjoying because his agenda has not taken off. he had send some text of other side of relation. A smartest thief also leaves some signs to lead a detection. that the trial may acknowledge.

He confesses, they call the regular cops when she turns up and they throw her out. But fact is that I only went there once to speak in the public staff, not to be molested and kissed and touched, with a safe distance, but he started running away, he called the driver. they got in the car. but the driver started taking reverse on me when I was standing behind the car.

There was no shame when he was sitting on my vehicle and roaming in the city, and roaming when he is roaming alone with me in his car. but before the public he is Lord Ram “ par stri mate saman”. -:).. chora chya ultya bomba.. the nearest police station has immediately take NC that he drove his cars in reverse on me. though not injured it is section 304 B of IPC.

Regarding DV complaint, it is contempt of the court by him by writing outside the court and very soon people will know the judgment. As public is not judge.

There is something to learn civic sense, moral duties, maintaining character and maintaining honesty. It is intelligence and vision difference, not an ego clash.